Hello world. This site is not fully finished yet... Project multi-media, fine tuning the site theme are on the to-do list.

Special Skills

Back-end development

Most of my programming experience comes from writing back-end code preferably in PHP or Golang but I have also written code for servers in Rust and NodeJS. I have interacted with these DBM's: MySQL, MSSQL, Redis and ScyllaDB while writing back-end code.

Reverse Engineering

I have reverse engineered numerous API's for services and games. This experience is very valuable when it comes to programming in other fields too because I have seen many ways to do essentially the same thing and I know what the advantages and disadvantages are to all of those ways. This experience translates to ways to prevent bots and spammers from abusing your system and keeping your applications safe overall against certain types of hacking that get overlooked.

Working code

I love writing code that works and achieves things. I pay less attention to how UI's look but every bit of effort saved there goes directly into making sure that my code is performant, safe and can actually do what it needs to do.